Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Not again… (Hebrews 9:23-28) 060509

“I want to go back!” This is the common sentiment echoed all who went for Telunas retreat lately. Telunas Beach is a beautiful place for urban people like us to get away and have some time to be in touch with our inner self and also with God. What so special about this retreat is that it is not program driven, the only agenda we have – relax and enjoy. It is as if we are in heaven, except I still feel pain after I jumped off the jetty and landed on my butt (the sign of me being alive).

When we have experience something really good, we will want to go back to try it again. In the Old Testament, people know that God will forgive their sins when their high priests were to bring in the sacrifices into the holy place and offer it to God on their behalf. It was good to know that they were no under God’s wrath, they could also experience the grace of God. And they would do it again and again, year after year; because it was good for them.

Today’s passage reminds me of what Christ has done for me: He entered into heaven itself (v24). And this is the reason for us to celebrate and be happy about: our sins are forgiven because Christ has offered up Himself as the Sacrifice for the forgiveness of our sins. We are no longer under the wrath of God; we are in the grace of God. And the most important thing about this offering, it is once and for all. Christ will not need to do in again; He does not need to offer Himself again and again (v25). Yes, not again!

Jesus will not come again to suffer for our sins (v26). He died once; He is not going to die again! He came to die; He will come back to live and bring us life! It is just like marriage, we get married only once. The wedding experience is wonderful, beautiful, and even breath-taking; but it will only happen once and not again.

Many Christians long for another experience of Jesus to tell them that their sins are forgiven. Many are waiting for another encounter for Him to lift up their hurts and pains. But Christ has already done it all, once for all, and He will not do it again. He will not have to die again so that our sins are forgiven; we are forgiven. He will not suffer again so that our hurts and pains can be healed up by His Blood; we are healed. Jesus is to suffer and die? Not again!


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