Friday, June 12, 2009

Going Deeper (Week 1)

Going Deeper (Week 1 Day 3)
The author presented divine revelation in parallel contrasts between the “older” forms of communication during the time of the prophets and the “newer” form of communication through the Son. He contrasts four areas: the era of the revelation, the recipients, the agents, and the ways in which the revelation was manifested. Can you identify them?

Era In the past (Older Communication) In these last days(Newer Communication)
Recipients To our forefathers(Older Communication) To us (Newer Communication)
Agents Prophets (Older Communication) His Son(Newer Communication)
Ways Various ways (Older Communication) One way (implied) (Newer Communication)

As God has made a definite way to communicate to us, which is through His Son Jesus Christ; we can be assured that God doesn’t want us to miss His message. His message of the Cross is such a simple and clear one, which speaks of His love and grace, there is no way we can miss the point. Be encouraged that as we earnestly seek the Lord, we will surely be able to hear Him speaking to us.

Going Deeper (Week 1 Day 4)
The author does not use his ability with stylistic flair to impress but to rivet the hearers’ attention and center it on God’s act of communication, especially heard in the person, works, and status of the Son. He accomplishes this objective by presenting a theological framework he shares with other early Christian writers. This framework presents Christ in his preexistence (His relationship with God from the beginning), incarnation (cosmic action – became man and suffered for us), and exaltation (enthronement). The author presents this theology in a chiastic structure within verses 2 and 3.
Can you identify it?

Enthronement A He appointed heir of all things
Cosmic action B He made the universe
Relationship with God C Radiance of God’s glory
Relationship with God C’ Exact representation of His being
Cosmic action B’ Sustaining all things
Enthronement A’ Sat down at the right hand of the Majestic in heaven

For the author to make an effort to express these thoughts about Jesus in such a manner, they must be very important attribute of Christ. And these three attributes of Jesus do run through the entire book of Hebrews. To put it in another way, enthronement speaks of Christ position (where He is now), cosmic action definitely speaks of His action (what He does) and relationship with God of course speaks of His relation (who He is).

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