Thursday, August 13, 2009

Fearful faith… (Hebrews 11:7) 130809

I went to Telunas twice this year. One of which was with my Boys’ and Girls’ Brigades officers and helpers. As Telunas is kelong style resort, it has its own jetty and we are allowed to jump off the jetty into the sea. It even has a higher platform about 30 feet above the water for those who find jumping off a 10 feet high jetty is not thrilling enough to jump! It is a test of ones courage and faith.

I did the most unforgiveable thing there, at Telunas; which is to jump off the 30 feet high platform! I thought that is the ultimate expression of my faith in doing such a courageous and fearless thing! But it turned out to me that it was a silly thing to do.

In my tradition understanding of faith, to have faith is to be fearless about things we yet see. It is something like being bold in stepping forward and stepping into the unknown. Recently, I was reflecting about the Boys’ and Girls’ Brigade ministry which the Lord has placed me. As I received and sensed that He wants us to grow beyond our existing boundary, I said yes without actually considered our resources carefully. When the opportunity came for us to take on new companies, we actually had not enough resources, but by faith, or rather by fearless courage, we went ahead and God, in His good time, sent forth the right resources. I called this faith! But today, I read how Noah responded to God’s warning; he was in ‘holy fear’.

The preacher of Hebrews tells us that Noah in holy fear built an ark to save his family (v7). As I meditate on this, I think I can identify with Noah. Noah was given a task which was utmost ridiculous and radical, and he was also given the insight of the future though he could not fully grasp the full extent of it. He stepped out in faith! He stepped out in fear too! But he stepped out in holy fear.

I am about to step into a new ministry in the near future, I am stepping in by faith. To be honest, I do not have all the necessary skills and networking for my new ministry, I am stepping into it in fear. I am not even sure if I can do a good enough job, but I respond to God and step into it by a holy fear. I am not going to do this ministry with my skills and giftedness; I want to do it in dependent of God’s power. I want to do it with a sense of holy fear.

There was Christian movie I watched at Telunas, it is called the Second Chance. In the ending of the movie, the senior pastor told his son and his associate pastor that we should be like the lightning rod, in the shape of a Cross, fears absolutely no one and nothing, except the God Almighty. This is holy fear.

A fearful faith is a faith with holy fear. I will step out into new ministry with absolutely fearless about anything and anyone, except in holy fear of the Lord God Almighty! Has God been asking you to step out of your comfort zone lately? Have a fearful faith, step out in holy fear of the Lord and do what He has asked you to do and watch what He is going to do through you! Our church is in the midst of 20K blessings, is God asking you to bless someone and you are fearful to do so? Have a fearful faith then, go in holy fear to bless that person and see how God continues the work from there.

Let’s have a fearful faith.


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