Monday, August 31, 2009

More faith… (Hebrews 11:32-38) 310809

Today is Monday, I am having Monday blues. It is a kind of feeling that I-have-not-rested-enough or Can-I-don’t-work or I-hope-Jesus-returns-today. I am not sure if you have any Monday blues, but I certainly have. Sometime, this kind of feeling can drag me to depression (not being exaggerated, it can really happen to some people). Sometime, this kind of feeling can cause me to lose hope (at least for the week ahead). And sometime, this kind of feeling can affect our faith.

Hebrews 11 tells me to simply take a look at all those who had gone before me; I am not in the worst situation. If those people who were faithful (and some not so faithful) had their fair share of blues, why should I be spared?

Gideon was fearful and doubting, God gave him fleece. Barak couldn’t wean off his dependency on woman (Judges 4:8), God gave him Deborah. Samson never learned from his mistakes, God gave him strength for pillars. Jephthah was an illegitimate son with low self esteem and perhaps insecurity, God gave him vindication. David committed adultery and murder, God gave him a heart of worship. Samuel anointed the wrong king and felt rejected; God gave him a peaceful death. Many, if not all, of the prophets had their shortcoming and weaknesses and even faithlessness, but God gave them faith to be faithful in the kingdoms and ministries entrusted to them.

Daniel didn’t shut the mouths of hungry lions, God did it. Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah didn’t quench the fury of the flames of the blazing furnace, God did it. God did all those miracles recorded in Hebrews 11:33-38. It was in the weaknesses and the desperation of the people, God acted. It was when they realized their inability to act faithfully or to live by faith, God was faithful. It was when they thought they had no more faith to continue, God gave them more faith.

Are you also at the bottom of your situation? Are you feeling hopeless and think that you will be the next to be terminated from your job? God can give you more faith. Maybe you are having some fears of going through an operation or medical procedure and have no faith to go through it; God can give you more faith. Maybe you have no faith that you will be able to do well for you coming examination, God can give you more faith. Maybe you are facing difficulties and struggles in your relationship or marriage and have no faith if you can carry it on; God can give you more faith. Maybe when you look at your rebellious child, you have not no faith if he or she will turn back to you or God; God will give you more faith.

God will give you more faith so that you can love more, give more, and fear less. God will give you more faith so that you can live in peace, work with power and believe with more faith. Yes, more faith.


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Anonymous said...

I feel the monday blues too. Starting in a new job and with so much reading I just couldn't catch up. I thought to myself why things are still so difficult even though I prayed and belived that God will deliver me.
Then I realised that faith not mixed with dependence is utterly useless. What righteousness does a man have if he says "God will provide" and yet in his heart concluded that it must be through his own hands. Doesn't God have the right to do as his will, who can determine where his provisions will come from. Are not His ways higher than ours, His thoughts higher than ours?
Faith is believing what we have not recieved but dependence is knowing where that decision lies.
Psalms 104 write that everything created depends on God's instructions.
I suck at my job. I stink at it. I can quit, I can start searching for a new one. But I don't think I want to depend on myself this time but let God decide.
Dependent on God is spiritually alive even though being physically dead.
Independent of God is being physically alive and being spiritually dead.
How did man of Old Testament acted out in Faith without Jesus's story on the cross? They acted out for faith because the love of God is real to them as the sword in their hands.
I know the story of the cross but sadly I hardly know about the love behind it.
Faith without truth is blind faith.
Faith coupled with love is full dependence.

When I know I'm the branch
Of Christ's vine
Then all that I have
is All Thine

When the love of the cross
Becomes my own
Then God can Break my
Heart of stone

When I can bear to
Let it go
Then take my life and
Make it whole

When I was born it was
Meant to be
From the start to end
Dependent on Thee

And the lie that Satan
Had me see
That it was always about
I, Mine and Me