Friday, August 21, 2009

Statement of Faith… (Hebrews 11:22) 210809

I have attended many funerals and even preached at some. One thing I found in common, not many of those deceased, planned for their funerals. I am not trying to be rude or funny here, but come to think about it, how many of us actually make arrangement of our own funerals. We may purchase a niche in advance, we may tell our children the song we want to have during our funeral service (I want the song This is the day), and some may even have the funeral passage and message chosen (I may even record my funeral sermon and play it during my funeral).

As a person dies and buries, it is the end of his life. Of course, as Christian, I know that I will be going to a better place. But whatever instruction or preparation we make for our funeral, it ends there. Joseph did not only stop at his funeral, but he had faith that one day his people, the Israelites, will leave Egypt and he wanted them to bring his bones along.

When I think of it, this is more than a prophecy. It is a statement of faith to the generations after. Just imagine, before I pass away, I tell my daughter that one day her granddaughter will become a missionary to Inner Mongolia and I want my bones (or ashes) to be brought there and scattered there. What on earth am I talking about here? I am speaking in faith. I am making a statement of faith about my future generations.

For those who have children; may be you can pray and ask God for that statement of faith to be spoken to your children. Record it somewhere that your children and children’s children can read about. For those who have no children; may be you can pray and ask God how can you leave a legacy behind to benefit the advancement of the Kingdom of God.

I believe that my devotional blog will be a great blessing to many (though not many give me comments) and one day down in the future history, it will be compiled and be published into a book and bless many others who are in the future generations.

This is my statement of faith! What is yours?


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