Monday, August 24, 2009

No Ordinary Faith… (Hebrews 11:23-28) 240809

Yesterday I preached a good sermon. It was good because God spoke to me through my own sermon. I was preaching and being preached to. I was moved and touched by my sermon. Sound strange? Sound egoistic? Whatever we call it, the truth is that I was ministered yesterday.

It was an ordinary Sunday, which I have to preach an ordinary sermon on an ordinary passage: The parables of the lost in the fifteenth chapter of the gospel of Luke. But however ordinary it is, there is no ordinary result; because I prayed by faith that God will speak to us, and that includes me.

The faith of Moses’ parents were simple, they just wanted to keep the child alive! But it is not an ordinary faith. They would never imagine that their child will be greatest leader in the history of Israel, the one who have a face to face encounter with their Almighty God, the one who led the people of Israel out of Egypt and out of slavery, the one who witnessed miracles after miracles of God through him (ten plagues, parting the Red Sea, water from the rock, healing, manna from heaven, and more), and the one who contributed the five most fundamental writing of the Old Testament which half the population of the world today based their faith and lives upon them. These were no ordinary works.

My faith for my sermon was simple, but I knew that the impact it had on me was not ordinary. My faith for my daughter is simple, that is she will grow up to be a good person who fears the Lord. I will not imagine that she will one day becomes the lady Prime Minister of Singapore, or the one who brings the good news to the entire Singapore and it becomes a Christian nation, or the one who will be used by God in healing everyone who is touched by her. Whatever my faith is for my daughter, there will be no ordinary results, because God is the one who will bring them to pass.

Because of Moses’ parents’ faith, the faith of Moses became extraordinary. Do you think that you have only simple faith? Let it be, and act upon it. As long as you have faith , it will be something extraordinary. There is no ordinary faith.

Are you weary of trusting God to heal? It is a simple and ordinary desire to want to be healed; there is no ordinary faith as you wait upon the Lord to bring about the extraordinary. I cannot guarantee that healing will surely take place in the way we want it to be, but I can be sure that God loves and will bring about much more goodness in the midst of our pain and sufferings if we allow Him to do so. That will not be ordinary, because there is no ordinary faith.


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