Sunday, January 25, 2009

In Justice… (Psalm 58) 250109

This psalm is beautifully structured. Justice is the main theme of this psalm. The psalmist has a concern for justice (v1-2) and he closes the psalm with an affirmation of justice (v11). The psalmist also presents the lies of the wicked (v3-5) he saw and describing the joy of the righteous (v10) he experience. And he intensely prays for justice (v6-8) and with an expectation of justice (v9). How can we miss such obvious theme: Justice?
We yearn of justice, we expect God to act justly. God loves justice and He is just. But when we take a step back and take a good look at our heart, are we a person who also acts justly? I am not answering this question for you, because I am not a complete just person. I have my favorite student when I was teacher, and I had ever done something which is completely unjust. I have my favorite youths when I was a youth pastor, and I had also given unjust favor to them. I also have my favorite children as I am involved in Boys’ and Girls’ Brigade, and I have again given them extra care and love. I can go on with my list and I am sure you also have your list.
But I am thankful that God deals with me justly and also with grace. I cannot imagine if God is going to issue a judgment or punishment for my sins, I don’t think I can ever live it through. People usually say that, if we are going to make our life and thought into a video film and play it back to watch, it will be the most horrible film ever make, and even RA(21) may not be justifiable for this kind of film. And we bring this idea into how God is going to deal with us when we go to heaven. Before we enter the pearly gate, all the ‘saints’ will gather in front of it and there will be a super huge screen to screen all our sins (both confessed and secret); and all my friends and church members will be able to see how lustful I have been while I am a pastor, how much I hated some people and have imagination of all sorts for them to be killed and it can go on and on. But you can rest assure, there won’t be you in my video film if you are reading this.
Surely God demands justice, especially from His people, but yet, He is gracious enough to wipe off all our sins as He had already done it on the Cross. I have been writing a devotion guide for coming season of Lent, and I have been intensively meditating upon the Cross of Jesus. I can only have one conclusion: my sins are forgiven. The Cross tells me that God demands justice for that we do, and we can never do what is just and only what Jesus had done on the Cross is able to fulfill the justice God has demanded for Himself. Jesus is the Justice.
We often say we are in Christ, we are in grace. But as we are in Christ, we are also in Justice.


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