Monday, January 12, 2009

Its AwePsalm… (Psalm 47) 120109

My daughter is very playful, she is at the stage whereby she will mimic the words we say and the things we do. Of course, as her father, I have to be very careful in the words I say and the things I do in front of her. But the thing about a thirteen months old baby, she likes to repeat whatever she has just learn and do it over and over and over and over and over and over again! (I am not exaggerating, those who are parents will know). And she enjoys doing it again and again; and it is me, the father, who sometimes find it boring and kind of lame to play the same peek-a-poo or sleepy-Alethea or gong-xi-gong-xi (Chinese New Year is near). But surely, it is still a joy to see my baby girl learning and growing with joy in her.
I believe God also wants His people to have joy too. I believe God has given us the reason to rejoice and praise Him, because He is the LORD Most High, the great King over all the earth (v2), He has ascended just as Christ (v5), for God is the King of all the earth (v7) and He reigns over all nations, seated on His holy throne (v8). Wow! What an awesome God we have (v2); that is why the Psalmist praises God again and again. At the centre of this psalm, which should be rightly verse 6, the Psalmist declares “sing praises” 4 times!
The Psalmist can sing praises over and over again because he knows what God can do and will do for His people. The Psalmist knows that he is securely loved by the King of kings, the Lord of lords, the King who rules all the earth and the Lord of Most High. This is not a figurative language. This is a reality that the Psalmist understands. It is like how my daughter knows that she is deeply and securely loved by her parents, she just wants to be happy and rejoice every moment of her life with us. To her, she has no fear when she knows that her parents are around her to watch her.
Do you know that God is watching you? The greatest challenge for modern day Christians is that we have too many other things to watch and being watched. We watch TV programs, YouTubes, Internet series, Movies and so on. We are being watched over our Facebooks, MSN, CCTV and more. But do we know that we are watched by God and we can watch out for what God is doing in our lives?
God enjoys us doing the same thing that pleases Him over and over and over again. He enjoys to meet with us at our quiet time again and again and again every morning or night or whatever timing. He never gets bored at that, He delights in meeting us. God enjoys blessing us again and again and again even though we don’t deserve, and though we don’t even notice or acknowledge Him. God loves to see us praying again and again, He never gets tired of our prayers. And God is greatly exalted (v9) when we sing praises to Him again and again and again and again, 4 times or more; because He is simply worthy of all praises.
Have you been going to God again and again? Do you have any sins that you are committing again and again, wondering will God forgive you again and again? Yes, He will as long as we confess them again and again. Do not give up, God hears you and He will deliver you and also lift you up at the right time! Sing praises to God over and over again. For God deserves it, He is awesome.
I am going to the AwePsalm God now, how about you?

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