Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What do you trust??? (Psalm 49) 140109

In life, we need to put our trust in something. There are people who put their trust in their wealth (v6), while others put their trust in their achievement in career, academic, fame and so on. But the question remains: why do we have to place our trust in something?
Today’s psalm gives me a clue. People are looking for ways to be redeemed (v7, 8 and 15). And I think this is the reason why the psalmist composed this instructional psalm or proverbial psalm. He is giving instruction to all the peoples: both high and low in the society, politic, religious status and even intellectual; and also to the rich and poor (v2). This way of mentioning two extremes, is a common Hebrew poetic way f including the extremes and everything in between. In other words, no one is spared from the reality of the need of redemption; it is because we will one day face death. The wise will die (v10), the fool will perish (v10), and the rich couldn’t afford to redeem himself or his brother (v7). For the redemption of his soul is costly (v8).
I know that I can never pay for my redemption, and I have learn to cease trying, just like the psalmist suggested (v8). I allow Jesus to pay it for me and accept this grace in humility. This is the understanding I need, not honor (v20) in order for me to realize I need the grace of Christ.
Many people still think they can earn their salvation, they think their good works and charities will save them, but they miss out knowing the One who gives salvation. They lack the understanding. Even Christians also sometime fall into such lack of understanding, forgotten that we need not continue to strive to earn our salvation.
Where do you put your trust? Maybe you are in the midst of making a decision which might affect your financial income, or working hours, or family time, or even personal time with God. Where do you go from here? Will you simply make a decision and ask God to bless, or trusting God will lead you to a decision which He has intended for you? Maybe you are going through some difficult situation at work or at school or even at home. Where do you turn to? Will you simply go with the popular way of resolving the issue by avoiding conflicts or heading on crashing into a conflict, or seeking God for counsel and trusting Him to give you a resolution to your situation?
I have no idea what you are going through out there in the world, and I am not going to pretend to have all the answers to all the problems. Because I do have my own set of problems and have no solution. But I have learned to trust in the Lord, I have learned to put my life in the hand of the Mighty God, and I have learn to major on the major; that is to treasure my relationship with Christ. And I have resolute to take time to spend with Him in order to know Him and trust Him more and more each day.
How can you trust a person? Unless you know him. How can you know a person? Unless you have spend time with him. How can you spend time with a person in such a busy world you are in? Unless you ruthlessly intentionally make time for him. The question is: will you?


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