Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Psalm Hope… (Psalm 48) 130109

Early in the morning, I went for driving practice, because my driving test is in the afternoon. This is not my first time learning driving and taking test. Almost 10 years ago, I had failed three times and today they considered me a first timer. Though I have been riding a motorbike on the road for past three years, and should have sufficient road experience; I am still nervous. Anyway, what else can I do now? Just entrust my test to the Lord, for Great is the Lord and most worthy of praise (v1).
This psalm presents a very strong, what most of the theologians will call it: Zion Theology; which means the significant of the city of God (v1, 2 and 8) being secured at Zion implies the presence and guidance and the rule of God. Though, I am not into the idea that there is certain place or thing being more holy than others; the idea that our God is the Great King (v1-3) and the Great King is our Shepherd (v12-14), simply wraps this psalm beautifully. This teaches us the importance to acknowledge God’s rule as King in our life as the fundamental and expect His guidance and providence as His grace.
Today, I am going to praise God and commit to Him my driving test. No matter I pass or fail, I will praise Him. I want to trust God for His timing to give me the license to drive. I want to follow His leading and receive His promise of grace. Well, it is easy to say all these things. It reality, I am still nervous. I think I should shorten today’s devotion and go to have a good rest before the test. I should let God the handle my stress and anxiousness rather than bearing them all by myself.
There are tests in our everyday life. We are going through them without even knowing it. We are tested at work to see if we are ability to fulfill the job requirement. We are tested at home to see if we have the patience to withstand the screaming and crying and unreasonable demands of our children. We are tested in the marriage and relationship to see if we can communicate the simplest message across to the other party. We are tested if we will praise God even when things don’t turn out well.
Formula for success? There isn’t. At least, not in the way we view success. But there is a formula to keep standing up after failure: that is to commit our life to God and let Him be our King and to receive His grace of providence even in the midst of failure. This is what we call: hope.
I have hope that I will pass my driving today. Do you have hope too?


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