Friday, January 9, 2009

Still a Psalm… (Psalm 46) 090109

Ministry work is like a battle field. There is a need for being high alert at all times. There is a need to keep a lookout and being proactive. There is also a need to watch out and take care of the hurting ones and injured ones. There is surely a need to beware of internal conflicts within the same camp. All these can drain a person to bone dry. All these can cause a healthy person to become sick. And all these can drive a God-fearing man to a fearful man. This is ministry work.

Psalm 46 is also known as the battle hymn of Luther, the father of reformation. I am not too sure, under what circumstance; Luther was identifying the Psalm with the battling situation he was in. A commentator, Stanley L. Jaki, suggested that Luther was confronting or being confronted by the dilemma that a prince of German, who was one of his firm supporter, was practicing bigamy (having 2 wives). I guess Luther won’t know what to do and this psalm would probably brought him great comfort and assurance, as he had to face the battle of such confrontation head on.

This psalm is a very beautiful psalm and structurally it has three parts which speaks of the Presence of God: 1) in Cosmic Troubles (vv.1-3), 2) in Judgment (vv.4-7), and 3) on Earth (vv.8-11).

The most quoted verse of this psalm which many people loves is v10a: Be still and know that I am God. This verse has been my key verse back in 2005, which was a prelude and preparatory year before I entered into a season of darkness. During this season, I could see nothing and do nothing and could only be still and acknowledge the mighty presence of God in my life. It was a season whereby I grew deeper in God.

This psalm declares three times about who God is: God is our refuge and strength, a very present help n trouble (v1), and the God of Jacob is our stronghold/fortress (v7, 11). Yes, God is our backing, not back up. It is important to realize that we have a BIG GOD! And unless we realize that our God is really BIG, we will live our live in fear, in hopelessness, in defeat and in despair.

I remember sharing this real encounter I had with a tiny-winy-little boy, who has the ability to chase away a group of tall and growing teenagers at the playground in my preaching. It is because that tiny-winy-little boy has a Arnold-Schwarzenegger-look-alike father, he has a big father as his backing; that is why he is so fearless against those teenagers who are all bigger in size than him, but he also knows that all of them are nothing in comparison with his Arnold-Schwarzenegger-look-alike father. He knows he has a big father; we also need to know that we have a BIG Father, who is our God. He is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble; He is our stronghold!

Be still and know that He is God. Do you know that you have a BIG GOD? Maybe you are facing some challenges in your marriage and relationship; run to your Father and be still before Him, and let Him speaks the word into your life for He is able to help you. Maybe you are facing some difficulties in your finances, and your job is at risk; go to your Father and be still before Him, and let Him leads you and guides you to a greener pasture, for He is a good Shepherd and Provider. Maybe you are anxious about your O level or A level results, and also uncertain about your future; take a walk with Him and be still before Him, and let Him comforts and assures your heart that He will be with you no matter what, and trust in His plan for you.

Be still.


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