Thursday, February 26, 2009

Day 2: God’s time… (Luke 9:10-11) 26 Feb 09

I am dumbfounded to be reminded that I am actually living in God’s time. The time I have to sleep, to read, to play with Alethea, to write, to work, to enjoy, to watch news on television, and even to serve; belongs to God, it is God’s time. I am living on borrowed time, and it belongs to God. What am I doing about it?

If I have time to read the newspaper and magazines, how come I don’t have time to read the Bible? If I have time to gossip about the latest retrenchment plan of an established local bank, how come I don’t have time to comfort the sick and visit the lonely people in my congregation? If I have time to go for a holiday to shop and spa, how come I don’t have time to go for a retreat to spend time alone with God? How do you spend God’s time?

Busyness is not only the sin of the modern society; it is the sin of individual. I have heard many people being busy for God’s ministry, but not being busy with God Himself. This is not only the problem of lay people who have to work and serve the Lord at the time, but also among people who serve in church. People measure their importance and success of their ministry by how busy they are, and how little time they have. Are you one of them?

I have just recovered from a burnout experience and a season of going through darkness; I treasured my time with God. I spend extensive time to read and reflect; I keep a close watch about my spiritual-emotional ‘fuel tank’, make sure it doesn’t run dry. I make sure I have my day-off to reflect and to rest. That is my rhythm of work and rest, what is your rhythm? Without a good rhythm, the melody of life will be out of sync; and the entire music of abundance will be lost.

Keep your rhythm, follow God’s timing. He is the Conductor.


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