Tuesday, February 24, 2009

More than words… (Hebrews 2:2-4) 240209

I am to look after Alethea today. I only can do my devotion when she is asleep. I enjoy spending time with her as her father; feeding her, changing her, bringing her to the playground, bringing her out to the market and bathing her. I enjoy being able to take care of her because I love her. I believe that my Father in heaven also loves to spend time with me, by telling me how much He loves me through His word, and feeds me spiritually also by is words. But it is often that we do not want to spend time with our Father in His words.

The author of Hebrews reminds his readers and us that the word was spoken through angels (v2). This phrase is an Old Testament way of understand the Law of Moses. The Greek word for ‘angels’ also has the meaning of ‘messengers’. This is the way whereby God the Father relate His word to His people, through a messenger, or a prophet, and this is how the OT comes about.

Then the author continues to remind his readers that the message of salvation was first spoken through the Lord, and confirmed to them by those who heard (v3). Jesus is the message of salvation; He is what Apostle John describes as the Word becomes Flesh and dwells among the people (John 1:14). Jesus did not come in a mystical or spiritual way whereby no one can see or understand, but He was seen and witnessed by many, and many heard Him and His teaching about Himself being the message of salvation.

Thirdly, the author concludes with the continuous evidence by the Holy Spirit (v4). George H. Guthrie, explains that ‘The triple expression “signs, wonders and miracles” was used in early Christianity to speak of God’s activity among his people, accompanying the preaching of the gospel.

The word is first spoken by God the Father through messengers, then by Jesus, the Son of God incarnated among humanity, and accompanied by the works of the Holy Spirit. This is a Trinitarian view of the word of God! And what does it mean to me?

Word of God is more that words, it has to be obeyed (v2), it has to be heard and passed on (v3), and there will be supernatural evidence accompanied (v4).

This is not a formula for us to exercise the supernatural, but this is to me a reminder to go back to the basic: Obey the word, hear the word and pass it on. Then the supernatural follows, according to His own will (v4).

I believe in the supernatural, and the work of the Holy Spirit. But I have to first of all, obey the Word, hear it and pass it on. It is evidence in the book of Acts, whenever there is the preaching of the word, there will be signs and wonders and the number who believed Jesus, increased. Therefore, seek first the word of God, then the signs and wonders. I believe God will not be stingy to pour out His miracles if we ground ourselves in His word.
The Word is more that words.


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