Saturday, February 14, 2009

No regrets… (Psalm 71) 140209

I am wondering; what will I become when I grow old? What will I be doing after I ‘retire’? Will I be a happy old man, or a grouchy-grumpy old fellow? Will I be still joyfully serving the Lord some other meaningful ways, or staying in an old folk home, waiting for my days to end? Will I be still writing devotional blogs and preaching the Word of God, or just become an irritating-naggy old man? I have actually thought about it and talked about it. Have you?

This psalm is probably written by an old man, some scholars will attribute it to David in his old age (v9). He is probably reflecting upon his life, seeing how God has been faithful to him since he was a child, even from birth (v6). He constantly refers God as his rock (v3), refuge (v1, 3, 7), rescue and deliverance (v2, 4), confidence (v5) and hope (v5). He knows God’s marvelous deeds (v17) and His righteousness (v15, 16, 18). This is a psalm of gratitude and hope. This is a psalm of reflection of a man who knows God. This is a psalm of an old man who is still after God’s heart. This is a psalm of a man who lived a life with no regrets.

I am wondering again; will I be like this psalmist when I grow old? I don’t know. I know that I should not let the past to live in me, and I also do not live for the past; I live for the present, today. Yesterday was history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift; because it is also called present.

Today is Valentine Day. I am not advocating you to follow the world in its way of celebrating Valentine Day, but take this opportunity to remember someone whom you love or have loved you. I am not referring to your spouses or boyfriend or girlfriend, I am referring to those who have selflessly loved you; like your parents, siblings, teachers, friends, maybe pastors. If Valentine is a celebration of love, then the love of these people is surely worth remembering and being celebrated for. Celebration of love needs not to be expensive or elaborate; a prayer for them will go a long way, a hug or a kiss will warm their heart, and a text message of appreciation will encourage them to love more.

Do not wait till tomorrow; for tomorrow may not even come (I think I am copying some movie lines). Do not let your old age fills will regrets. Live a life of no regrets. Love God faithfully and love man generously. These are the two commandments where the whole Laws hang on. Go and do likewise.

Have you show your appreciation to those who love you? Do it today, even if you read this after Valentine Day. Do not let your tomorrow has any regrets of today. So that, when you grow old, you can testify that God is faithful and has loved you all these while through those people around you.

I am going to show my love for my wife now.


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