Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Resolutely… (Luke 9:51) 25 Feb 2009

I am deeply touched by the statement: The decision marked a deadline for Jesus (p1). I am particularly moved by Jesus’ decision. To me, the decision was more that a deadline, it is a dead end! But to Jesus, this is neither a deadline or dead end, but a Cross road whereby He has to get across so that I can also cross over the deadline and move beyond the dead end.

Today is the beginning of this journey to the Cross. I know that I cannot carry the Cross Jesus carried, but I can take up my cross daily, and follow Him (Luke 9:23). What is my cross? Where is my cross? How to carry my cross?

After being a Christian for so many years, I think I have abandoned my cross somewhere along the road. I have been so comfortable being a Christian warming pew, for me now is warming pulpit, but I am so reluctant to step out of my comfort zone. I have seemed to lost my passion for people, especially those difficult ones (if you are reading, you are not the difficult one). I just want to be with people who like me, and have no conflict with me, and accept me and my egoistic devotional journals. But I am called to follow Christ to love the people He loves, not the people I choose to love. And Christ loves people who don’t love Him and me, and this includes Christians.

Do you have a ‘lost cross’ too? During this season of Lent, look to that ‘lost cross’ again, and do what Jesus did: He resolutely set His face to go to Jerusalem to meet His Cross. Let us also resolutely set our heart to face our ‘lost cross’, and once again take it up and follow Him. Let Jesus leads us on this journey to the Cross, as we confess Him as our Lord. Let us humbly deny ourselves and follow the steps of Jesus, one step at a time, towards the Cross.

The Cross road is a long and difficult journey. We must resolutely set our face and goal at the Cross, taking one step at a time. I am sure that each step will be meaningful and transforming to our life.

Let’s go.


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