Thursday, February 19, 2009

He sat down… (Hebrews 1:3-4) 190209

Hebrews 1:1-4 is actually one long sentence, but when translated into English, it was divided into four verses. It contains many truths and profound theological concepts. I think it can be a good research topic for doctorate studies. I am not going to write a thesis on it.

I approach the book of Hebrews not so much in a scholarly or academically manner, but I am reading it with Lectio Divina. Do not restrict the practice of Lectio Divina to the book of Psalms, or some Old Testament prophetic books; you will find it as enriching if you apply it to New Testament letters. Having said that; I did not throw away my intellectual mind while using Lectio Divina, we have to read the Scripture in Spirit and in Truth (John 4:24).

As I meditate and read through these two not too short verses, I am impressed by how the author of Hebrews lays the foundation of this book by stating the identity and trustworthiness of Jesus Christ, the Son. He uses the phrase: exact representation of His nature (v3) to describe Jesus, as the Son of God and having the full nature of God. Again, quoting from commentator, George H. Guthrie:

The Son is “the exact representation of his being.” The word rendered “representation” (charakter)…The imagery may also call to mind the “representation” of a parent one often sees in the face of his or her children… What the Son represents is the “being” of the Father, that is, his essential nature. The phrase “representation of his being,”… speak of Jesus as the “form,” “likeness,” or “image” of God (e.g., John 1:2; Phil. 2:6; Col. 1:15). So the Son provides a true and trustworthy picture of the person of the Father.

But what really stands out and speaks to me is another phrase: He sat down at the right hand of the Majestic on high. This implies Christ completed work. This implies He can finally sit down. This implies He is with His Father, the Majestic One. This also implies He has all the authorities and powers as He is sitting on high.

I am brought to a point to visualize the picture of Christ sitting down at the right hand of God. It will be a picture of Christ is sitting on the throne, and I will be standing before His throne. It will be a picture of me standing in awe in the presence of His Majestic glory. It will be a picture of me weeping and worshiping the God of goodness and mercy.

Christ sat down, where are you? What are you doing when you come into the place where Christ is sitting down? I lay down my burdens, I discard my baggage, I burn up my discontentment, and I throw myself down to worship.

I was still sharing with my wife after our devotion, about my unhappiness and discontentment. I can call it what Bill Hyber terms it: Holy Discontentment. It is not unhappiness due to any misunderstanding or conflicts. It is simply a discontentment on my part, not fully fulfilling what God has called me to do. It is some kind of frustration of not having the resources and opportunities and even spaces to do what God has placed in my heart to do. This is actually a good thing for me, so that I can keep God’s calling in mind and clear and continue in working toward fulfilling it.

Now as I reflect and ponder on the Christ on His throne, sat down; I just submit to Him my Holy Discontentment. Unless I commit it to Him, I will have to carry it all alone, and this is not His idea. I believe God place this discontentment in me, so that I can come to where He sat, and lay it down before Him.

Do you have any discontentment to put down before the throne where Christ sat down? Is it your job or your relationship with your spouse or your parents? I won’t know, but you know and God know. Come to His throne where He sat down, and put them down before Him.

He is still sitting there, waiting for you. He sat down. You come.


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Jordan Tan said...

Hi Abel.. i've been reading your blog occasionally. :) not really following but great job so far.. it's been a good reading.
Hebrews is indeed a rich and wonderful book in the NT... my church is currently going through the book on the pulpit, i survived Hebrews 7. Could have used your research and input.
All the best bro!!