Saturday, April 4, 2009

Day 39: Q&A… (Luke 18:35-43) 04 Apr 09

Someone said: all questions have an answer. Even when we don’t have a good answer, it is an answer itself. The beggar appeals to Jesus, and Jesus gives him a question: What do you want Me to do for you?

The beggar has an answer: he wants to see. Do you also want to see? Of course, but the question is: what do you want to see? Or what do you really want to see? Do you want to see Jesus? Or are you seeking to see the work of Jesus? Or do you want to see what Jesus wants you to see?

Today, I survive three hours of hiking with some boys and a good friend. I am still sick and nose still running, but I survive. I think that today will be a good day for me, as everything go according to what I have planned. But just before I want to go home after dismissing the boys in school, I discover that I lost my motorbike keys! I am so disappointed with my carelessness. I pray that God will show me where I have lost it, and He did; but it will be impossible for me to retrieve it back. In other words, I will have to leave my motorbike in the school and take public transport home. I have spared keys at home.

I pray a prayer for God to show me where my keys are, but I don’t like the answer. Do you have such experience too? But this is what Jesus wants me to see; He wants me to take public transport today. And as I am on my way home, I meet a cousin of my wife, and I help her with her direction and get to know her better. Such is a divine appointment. This is what Jesus wants me to see, lost soul who is closed to us whom I am not reaching out to.

Today, when you ask Jesus to give you sight to see, spiritual insight to understand the Scripture as you read, are you ready to see what He wants you to see? What is your answer? Is that your final answer?


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