Monday, April 6, 2009

Day 41: Weeping Jesus… (Luke 19:37-44)

There is a myth that says: men don’t cry; but that’s not true, because real man cries. I am a real man, and I cry. I remember when I lost my first baby at its early stage of my wife’s pregnancy, I comforted my wife at hospital, swallowed all me tears; but I reached home, I just knelt before the Lord at my bedside, and cried. I cried till I have no more energy, I cried till I have no more tears, and I cried till I fell asleep. I have never cried so badly before, but I cried.

I have learned a very precious lesson when I went through my season of darkness, it is alright to cry. Crying is not a sign of weakness, but it is an outflow of trapped emotions. Crying is a release of hurts, disappointments, discouragement, and even anger. Recently, I again learn from my daughter’s Barney show that crying is a way to express our sad emotion; it’s healthy to cry when one needs to.

When Jesus wept, He must be very sad, because He knows that in 40 years time this city, Jerusalem will be almost completely destroyed. Jesus feels sad to see the spiritual condition of these people. Sometimes, when I look into my spiritual condition, I feel sad too. Sometimes, I cry for the sins I have committed. I feel that I have disappointed Jesus. But I also feel a sense of joy after my confession, because I know that Jesus will forgive me and help me to move on.

Jesus comes to Jerusalem not to simply weep, but to the Cross, so that though we are hopeless in our sins, He provides us with the hope at the Cross. Jesus wept, Jesus died, so that we can live. When was the last time you have wept for the sins you have committed? When was the last time you have wept because you are being confronted by your disobedience to the Word of God? When was the last time you wept for the Cross of Jesus that will bring you hopes at the cost of His life?

Take a few moments to ponder and reflect, if it is necessary, weep.


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