Sunday, March 15, 2009

Day 19: Three Persons… (Luke 10:21-22) 15 Mar 09

The doctrine of Trinity is a complex one. No one can fully understand it or clearly explain it. I am not going to attempt the impossible. But I accept the incomprehensible. I am reminded today when I conduct the baptism class, when we cannot understand certain things or when it is difficult to be explained or understand; it does not mean that it is not true. It only shows the greatness of God’s wisdom which is beyond our mental and intellectual capacity.

When this passage brings out the Holy Spirit, Jesus and God the Father, I bet the first century readers will be lost. I don’t think even Apostle Paul has a full understanding. But nonetheless, we can clearly see that he too have the concept of Trinity permeating through his epistles.

But why does God bother to reveal Himself in three Persons? Won’t it be easier and cleaner to be One? I don’t know. Will it really be easier? Will we have a better relationship with God if He only reveals Himself as God, the only God? I really don’t know.

I have been thinking of how the Muslims fear God and are so fervent for God. Because in their monotheist faith. God is God. And we Christians have one True God, but three Persons; and we can’t figure out how to worship God. We either over-honor one or neglect the other.

As we approach the Cross this season, let us be sure that God the Father has planned all these before the foundation of the world, and Jesus the Son takes one step at time to approach and fulfill the plan of God, which is the Cross. And the Holy Spirit simply weaves Himself in and through the entire plan and demonstrates the plan even beyond the Cross.

How do you understand God today? Are you praying to God the Father more or to Jesus the Son more or to the Holy Spirit more? Unless we really know them well, we will have bias and slant towards one against another.

Be fair, to the three Persons.


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