Sunday, March 22, 2009

Day 26: Lost and Found… (Luke 15) 22 Mar 09

Today is the Lord’s Day of rest, but as a pastor, today is a day of work; I preached at the Chinese Ministry, and I conducted training for three small groups for them to get ready for their next phase of small group journey. I discovered that I have lost my voice at the end of the day.
I remember there was once I lost my voice and could not speak for a few days, but God spoke to me and I began the journey with Him till today. I lost my voice, but God found me.

When I read today’s passage, Luke 15, there are three stories of lost and found. I realize that it is not a bad thing to be lost at times. Unless we lost ourselves, we might never been found. And unless we realize that we are lost, we will not start to find our ways back to where we should go.

The journey to the Cross during this season of Lent is a long one, and I will not be surprised if some of us are lost along the way. And perhaps we are already lost at the beginning of the journey. As you meditate on Luke 15, which areas of your life are lost? Is God speaking to you about those areas? I think God has found you, have you found God?

If you are lost in this economic crisis, find your security in Christ. If you are lost in a relationship, find your identity and worth in Christ. If you are lost in your journey with God, find the direction of the Cross and look to it and start taking a small step toward the Cross. It is never too late to start your journey; Christ has already found you while you are still far away from the Cross.

I am found, a lost soul.


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