Monday, March 30, 2009

Day 34: He was a Samaritan… (Luke 17:11-19) 30 Mar 09

Ten lepers pleaded Jesus to heal them, and Jesus did. Only one leper returned to thank Jesus and praise God, and he was a Samaritan. What does this imply? It implies that the other nine were not Samaritans, and probably Jews. I can’t help but to stop and think and ponder and ask: why?

Why when the ten lepers were suffering, they cried out to Jesus in unison: “Jesus, Master, have pity on us!”? But when they were healed, one the foreigner returned, and the other nine locals disappeared into the thin air? I am puzzled by this. I am disappointed with those nine Jewish lepers who were also healed. I am disappointed with myself who has been greatly blessed and gifted by God, but yet reserve my praises and thanksgivings. I am disappointed, because I am not a Samaritan.

I want to echo the words of the lepers before they were healed: “Jesus, Master, have pity on me!” I need His pity, I need His grace, I need His forgiveness and I need Him. That’s me. How about you? Maybe you are better, smarter, more talented, more gifted and more fervent; but you still need Jesus. You still need Him to have pity on you. This is the truth.

Unless we realize how sinful we are, we will not realize we need Jesus. Unless we realize how sick we are, we will not have the urgency to come to the Great Physician. Yesterday, Alethea was having a fever. It was only about 37.5 degrees Celsius. I was so calm and insisted only sponging and gave her plenty of fluid to cool her down, refused to administrate Panadol. When her temperature went up to 38 degrees Celsius, I panicked and gave her Panadol, but refused to bring her to a doctor yet. But if the fever persisted, I will bring her to see a doctor, because that might be dangerous, as sponging and Panadol can’t help to reduce her temperature. Similarly, unless we know that we are in danger and can’t help ourselves, we need someone else.

Jesus is there when we need Him; Jesus is there when we call out to Him to have pity on us, but where are we when He calls on us to acknowledge Him and praise His name? Are we like the Jewish lepers or the Samaritan leper?

I want to be a Samaritan leper.


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