Sunday, March 29, 2009

Day 33: Cross love … (John 3:16, 1 John 4:19) 29 Mar 09

A couple of my small group gives birth to their second child at home this morning. I am thrilled and happy for them. And it reminds me the moment Alethea was born. She was such a beautiful baby with her face full of wrinkles because having soaked in water for so many months. Nonetheless, she is beautiful but so fragile. I am not too sure how I have kept her alive till today? It must be by the grace of God.

And today, another couple brought their one month old son to church for his first service. I can’t help but to recall those days when Alethea was still an infant, always in my arm. And again, I wonder how I have not squeezed the live out of her? It must be by the grace of God.

Now Alethea is going to 16 months old soon. And today she is having a fever. My heart just feels so sorry for her. I am not sure why she is having her fever, and by faith, my wife and I just sponge her and give her a Panadol and pray that God will bring comfort and healing onto her. Indeed, her temperature has gone down and she is able to sleep now.

I am only a father for 16 months and I can feel such pain when my daughter is sick; I can be sure that God feels really hurting when He sees His creation in sin, and His only begotten Son to go to the Cross for their sins. This is the grace of God.

By the grace of God, He creates lives, just like a beautiful new born Alethea then. By the grace of God, He preserves lives, just like how Alethea grows up without being squashed by me. And by the grace of God, He heals, just like what He is doing with Alethea.

This is love. This is the expression of love. Love creates, love preserves, and love heals. The Cross is the best expression of God’s love, because the Cross creates a way for us to walk in, so that we can be saved and become a new creation. It is also because the Cross preserves those who follow Christ, and it is also because the Cross heals my inner most sinful natural. This it power of the Cross, this is the power of love.

In this Lent season, when we keep talking about the Cross, we are also talking about the love of God, being expressed by the Cross. It’s a Cross love.


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