Friday, March 20, 2009

Day 24: Space… (Luke 10:42) 20 Mar 09

I am a bit spaced out when I am writing this. It is closed to midnight, and I still have to go to office tomorrow. I am not complaining, but I am just tired. Pastoral ministry can be very draining; I can spend the entire day immersing myself in preparing this Sunday sermon, and then listen to some other people problem. These are energy zappers. I am not complaining, but this is the reality of a pastor.

I don’t know how other pastors always seem to be so full of energy without recharging, they just tell me that they are on fire for God and can keep going. They also tell me that I have overcome my desire to rest because that is not from God; God’s servant cannot be lazy! Sometimes I really feel guilty when I am in the midst of those very efficient pastors. That is why I don’t particularly like to go for pastor conference or networking, talking to those pastors there makes me feels like I am a lazy bum! And networking means more work!

I need space. I need silence and solitude so that I can have space within myself to let God occupy me. Though I am tired and sleepy now, I am glad that I spend sometimes in silence and giving God space in my heart to let Him fill me. I think I am happier like this than going for another meeting.

I think I will have a sweet dream, because I have created some space for God to be there in my dream tonight. Do you have space for God too? Maybe this is the one thing Jesus wants Martha to have. Maybe it is also for you.

Let’s spaced out.


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