Thursday, March 19, 2009

Day 23: A loud silence… (Luke 10:38-42) 19 Mar 09

I realize that many who are in the pastoral ministry are a changed person. Many of them whom I know are formally an introvert. Most of them are quiet, shy, preferred to be alone; but because of what the nature of pastoral ministry, they have become more extrovert and outgoing.

I also have changed. My wife says that I used to be very rowdy, loud and outgoing; but I have become more and more introvert lately. I have become more and more contemplative. I rather stay away from people than be with people. I have grown to become very comfortable being alone with God. I have mellowed. I have become silence.

I think my wife assessment of me is true. I don’t hate meeting people, but I treasure my time meditating the Word of God and dwelling in His Presence. I prefer reading than running program. I prefer waiting than walking around and look for things to do. I prefer practice solitude than praying louder and louder. I see value in my quietness and silence. I hear a loud ‘Amen’ in my silence prayer.

I am not against praying out loud, I pray out loud too. I am not against being sensitive to the needs of others and get things done; I am sensing the needs of others too. I am also not against programs, for I am running some programs to help people too. But I see the power of silence which cannot be found in doing things. I found that silence can be very loud. I found that I can drown in silence.

What do you do when you are silence? Maybe the next time you drive, turn off your radio or player, and listen to the silence, what do you hear? I have written a lot, let me go and be silence.


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