Friday, March 27, 2009

Day 31: Home… (Luke 15:18-20) 27 Mar 09

When I read today article, one of the national day songs comes to my mind; it is the song: Home. Home is a very interesting concept. It is not a merely a house, I can have a home without a house; and there are so many empty houses without a single home.

Home is a place of bonding, it is a place of love, it is also a place of acceptance, and it is surely a place whereby I can go back to whenever I need to. The younger son knows it; the elder son is in it but not realizing it. The younger son comes home after a long and fruitless journey out there; but the elder son who stays in the house has his heart far away from the owner it.

Are you at home or in a house? Are you building your home with your family or merely a house for your family? If you are not at home now, make your way home now. The journey to the Cross is long and difficult; I almost want to give up. But I know that my Father is waiting for me at the Cross with Jesus welcoming me home. I will press on, will you?

Let’s go home.


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