Thursday, March 26, 2009

Day 30: Coming out… (Luke 15:20-24; 29-32) 26 Mar 09

Today I go back to Singapore Bible College for class, and I take opportunity to attend its combined chapel. I have always enjoyed the combined chapel. It is a heavenly experience to me, whereby people of different nations and different languages and also different cultural backgrounds come together to worship God together in one voice. The message today is good, and I guess it sums up my personal experience before I graduate and enter into ministry work.

My season of darkness allows me to really slow down, and in fact, comes to a complete stop to reflect and ponder about my life, my calling, my ministry, and most important, my relationship with God. As a person, my life is rotten, if I am to face it honestly; I will not even dare to approach the Holy God, but He comes out to me. To my calling, I have failed and denied it with spiritualized excuses; I am only but a slaves waiting to be called upon by God, but He comes out for me. For my ministry, I think I am merely a employee and God is my boss; I will simply avoid more jobs and hoping for better salary from the gracious God, but He comes out through me. And for my relationship with God, we are friend when I feel like it and He is my strength only when I am weak; it is a I and Him relationship, but He comes out in me.

My Father in heaven comes out to reach out to me and for me, He also reaches deep within me so that He can reach others through me. I know I don’t deserve all these, but He comes out in me. Why? Is it because I am theologically sharp and having good grades in Bible College? No. Is it because I am zealous and gifted in ministry? No. It is simply because I am His child. He is proud of me because I am His child. He comes out to me because I am His child. Just like I will go all out to Alethea, because she is my child, and I am proud of her.

I am coming out (or rather going out) of my study to her.


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